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Here's more info about getting a small business loan

Getting a Small Business Loan?

Small Business Resources
SBA Loan Programs |

Research the various loan programs offered through the Small Business Administration.

NFIB / National Federation of Independent Business

A great resource that voices the opinion of the small business community and contains alot of good information.

D&B - Business Information

Establish Business Credit and strengthen the fundability of your business.

ACH Loan | Merchant Cash Advance

We will help you through the process of getting a small business loan.

Our company has top tier affiliations including hedge funds, and alternative financiers. Our most popular products are the Merchant cash advance and ACH fixed payment programs.

It costs you nothing to apply or even pre-qualify—there are no setup or application fees. Whether you need as little as $5,000 or as much as $1,000,000, your company could be approved and funded for a business cash advance in as little as 3-5 business days.

Use our secure uploader form to submit documents for approval

We require your 3 months most recent processing statements and 3 months business bank account statements along with our one page application filled out. Once we recieve the completed packet we will have a response for you within 24-48 hours of how much you are approved for and the various borrowing options that you have. Its that simple. Reddy Marketing makes the process of getting a small business loan fast and easy.

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Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is an extremely popular funding solution amongst business owners today needing capital quick, hassle-free, and with flexible repayment options. Since a merchant cash advance pays itself off automatically through future credit card recievables it is a new funding mechanism that has emerged in the alternative lending industry for small to mid-sized businesses.

A merchant cash advance offers affordable factor rates with no fixed payments so satisfying your obligation is easy—if you bring in less, you pay back less. No late fees or penalties are assessed as there is no term on the money, rather the payback is relative to a set discount percentage against your future credit card sales.

Summary of Benefits:

  •     Fast closing and requires minimal documentation.
  •     Unsecured with no collateral required.
  •     It costs you nothing to apply or to pre-qualify.
  •     No closing costs. Easy one page application.
  •     Fixed Payback Amounts with No late fees or penalties. 100% tax-deductible.
  •     Get approved as quickly as tomorrow.
  •     No restrictions on what you use the cash for.
  •     Does not affect your DTI ratios and does not appear on your personal credit.

When a traditional business loan is not an option for your company during challenging financial times, RMI can help.

We are affiliated with top lenders and financiers that make getting a small business loan easy and fast. Our job is to streamline this process and navigate your best options based on what you qualify for There are many reason why a business owner would need money but the banks are simply not able to support the ones without impeccable credit.

Those who choose this program are typically in the following situation:

  •     Need working capital
  •     Looking to expand
  •     Do not have strong credit
  •     Purchase of equipment and inventory.
  •     Personal obligations
  •     Tapped out of their credit lines.

As a business owner there are times you need the money quickly without dealing with the bank and having to secure collateral and a painstaking application process.

The following are some of the most popular industries our lenders fund: food establishments, salons, liqour stores, bars, nightclubs, auto repair, wholesalers, photographers, caterers, printing, hotels, motels, cell phone stores,& many more. Most small businesses qualify for these programs and it is even simpler to recieve the money.

We know that when your business needs money, time is of the essence. Our easy one page application process takes minutes to fill out.

Your small business can be pre-approved for a merchant cash advance in just 24 hours with the funds deposited directly into your business' bank account in 3-5 business days. These programs never require collateral and offer simple payback options for small businesses with incentives for repeat advances through higher renewal amounts and more favorable structures once the payment history has been established.