RMI Lending Policy:

RMI has established affiliations with premier lenders giving our clients an exclusive network to choose from. RMI recommends the most appropriate lender based on the clients needs and eligibility.

Our expertise is invaluable in helping clients navigate the best borrowing options available to them. We do guarantee to get our clients a competitive rate and maximum funding amounts both short term and over time.


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Privacy Policy of ReddyMarketing.com

How is information collected?

ReddyMarketing.com records basic user data for visitor tracking. This information may be stored in cookies, which are text files stored on the users system.  The information may also be stored for an extended period of time on our servers and databases.

What information is collected?

We only collect pertinent information to our business and services. This information may include date of visit, length of visit, frequency of visits, number of pages viewed, type of browser and other basic User Agent information supplied through the http request.

How is the information used?

ReddyMarketing.com uses the information it collects to improve services and products. The information collected is not sold, transferred or otherwise separated from our possession unless you agree to it. ReddyMarketing.com does not use the information for abusive or spamming purposes. We  stand by the security and privacy of all information collected.

What about the laws where I live?

ReddyMarketing.com will exercise it's best efforts to adhere to all local laws. For that reason, no IP records are presented to any member of our team or recorded in our databases. No adult, profane, offensive or otherwise illegal content will be available on this site. Any information about how we use user data can be made available to law enforcement.

Who do I contact for a clarification of theses terms?